Discontinue - Repair service for MH Series

The following our products, MH100 type and MH200 type discontinued our repair service
at the end of June, 2015.

1. Product

Machine Model End of production End of repair Alternative machine
MH100 type Honing machine MH100-*-* October, 2000 June, 2015 G25 type Honing machine 
MH200 type Honing machine MH200-*-* October, 2000 June, 2015 G50 type Honing machine 

2. Details

It is has been over 10 years have passed since MH series honing machine finished production and now also we officially finished repair services for them.
We would like to continue to meet for your needs. However it is difficult to get their repair parts, therefore we consider that it is unable to continue for respond you.
We are very sorry to announce that we have to finish our repair services on July, 2015.

3. Alternative machine

We have some proposals for switch from MH series to G series which is better than MH series. If you consider about changing new model, please feel free to contact us.
Your kind cooperation would be appreciated.

Please contact us
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