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Production Management in a Consistent Systems of Entire Process

NISSIN provides consistent systems of entire process which is from initial meeting, design, manufacturing to delivery. And our experienced staff shall be satisfies you with reliable know-how.

For 4months - 7months

Step 1 Meeting

NISSIN offers the best proposal for your request. We will visit you, if necessary.

Step 2 Trial Honing

Trial test is available for checking whether your requirement is satisfied with our machine, if you want. Workpieces are should be prepared by you and we will report the results.

Step 3 Submit Specification Sheet and Quotation

NISSIN offers the best specification to satisfy your requirement.

Step 4 Contract

After confirmation for final specification and delivery term, your order is determined.

Step 5 Design and Manufacturing

All our staff members are join together and manufacture your machine at our plant.

Step 6 Machine Final Check and Machine Commission Before Shipment

Engineer adjusts your machine after assembling completed. After that, honing accuracy, machine specification and other items are checked carefully in the presence of you at our plant. After getting your approval, general manager of quality department check them again, machine will be shipped to you.

Step 7 Machine Delivery and Final Acceptance

After scheduling, your machine will be shipped and installed. Then, our engineer explain about how to use machine and maintenance. Honing accuracy, machine specification and other items are checked carefully again. After getting your approval again, final acceptance is completed.

Step 8 After-Sales Service

NISSIN supports you carefully for after-sales service like operation explanation, parts change and maintenance.

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