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Message from the President

President Hirano
      President HIRANO Takashi

Contributing to a Prosperous Future for People with Our Expertise in Smoothness

The industrial world is now at a major turning point due to digital innovation such as IoT and AI in addition to automation and robotization, and we are starting to see fierce competition to create new products and services, combined with people’s diversifying sense of value.
 Meanwhile, companies are expected to engage in business activities that demonstrate an awareness of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and SDGs (sustainable development goals) in response to unpredictable global environmental changes and increasingly complex social issues.

Amid this new industrial revolution and period of growing uncertainty, Nissin Manufacturing formulated “ACT30: Action for Competitive Technology 2030,” a long-term vision for 2030 in which we continue to strive to be a company that all stakeholders can count on.

We will continue to work to further grow our existing businesses and develop new business by integrating and recombining technology we have cultivated since our founding with a focus on smoothness and by combining the creative wisdom of our Group employees.
We will firmly focus on the essence of “doubling down” and “reducing by half” as our slogans for transforming our business, and continue to boldly and flexibly evolve.

Founding Philosophy

• To contribute to local prosperity with new business projects.

• To be a company trusted by the community.

• To live a life of joy and gratitude at work.

Company Motto

We respect the philosophy upon which our company was founded, and we will create a future through our production business from a global perspective.

1. Provide superb products made with sincerity.
2. Pursue happiness for our employees by holding on to our dreams and hopes.
3. Contribute to the well-being of our shareholders, our business partners, and society as a whole.

Nissin 2030 Vision

Nissin 2030 Vision
Nissin 2030 Vision

Nissin Business Strategy

Nissin Business Strategy
Nissin Business Strategy

Nissin Gr. Management Strategy

Nissin Gr Management strategy
Nissin Gr Management strategy
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