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Technical expertise that responds flexibly to various needs,
from small precision parts to mass-produced systems

Integrated Processing of Precision Parts Our integrated processing system from cold and hot forging and aluminum high pressure die casting materials to machining, heat treatment, and assembly, as well as our superb products made in house with production equipment, jigs, and inspection jigs are highly trusted both in Japan and worldwide.
In addition, our Prototype Division is equipped with various facilities to handle everything from development to mass production.

Comprehensive Manufacturer of Ultra-precision Honing Machines As a comprehensive manufacturer of honing machines, Nissin realizes ultra-precision machining by selecting everything from the machine to the honing tools and jigs based on our special expertise. Today, we are highly recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer in various industries, including the automotive, motorcycle, general-use engine, hydraulic and pneumatic, appliance, mold, and sewing machine sectors.
We encourage you to try our honing machines, which we have continuously improved since the foundation.

Nissin also provides standard model honing machines, which can accommodate high-mix low-volume production, and cell-model honing machines, which can be flexibly combined according to production volume fluctuations and process changes.

Size and accuracy

Machined diameter: 3 mm to 100 mm
Machined length: Max. 130 mm (varies depending on required accuracy)

Employee Happiness and Our Contribution to Society We aim to create a comfortable workplace in line with our company motto of “pursuing happiness for our employees by holding on to our dreams and hopes.” Compared to other companies in the industry, Nissin boasts a high rate of taking annual paid leave and a low job turnover rate.
In our efforts to contribute to society, we actively take part in local volunteer activities and sponsor youth development projects and community revitalization projects.


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