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Nissin Manufacturing Group Human Rights Policy

The Nissin Group recognizes that our various business activities, from raw material procurement, production, and distribution to consumption, disposal, and recycling, can directly and indirectly impact human rights.

We established a human rights policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy”) to demonstrate our commitment to respecting the human rights of everyone involved in the Nissin Group and our efforts to fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights.

Based on the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Nissin Group supports and respects international norms on human rights, including the UN’s International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

This Policy applies to all directors and employees of the Nissin Group.

In addition, we encourage all Nissin Group suppliers to support this Policy and make efforts to respect human rights.

The Nissin Group shall work to establish and implement a human rights due diligence system to identify negative impacts on human rights.

If it is found that our activities have created or contributed to negative impacts on human rights, we will work to prevent or mitigate the impacts and evaluate the effectiveness of our preventive and mitigation efforts.

The Nissin Group shall work to improve its efforts to respect human rights through dialogue and discussion with relevant stakeholders.

The Nissin Group shall provide appropriate education to its directors and employees.

The Nissin Group shall disclose appropriate information regarding its efforts to respect human rights.

The Nissin Group shall determine the officers responsible for implementing this Policy and overseeing its execution.

This Policy shall promote the efforts to respect human rights and complement our established action guidelines.

The Nissin Group shall comply with laws and regulations of each country and region that apply to our business activities.
Where there is conflict between internationally recognized human rights and national laws and regulations, we shall seek ways to respect international human rights principles.

Established December 1, 2022, President Takashi Hirano, Nissin Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Human Rights Issues Addressed by the Nissin Group

We do not tolerate forced labor.
We also reject any form of modern slavery, including debt labor and human trafficking.

We do not tolerate child labor, and we observe the minimum working age required by law.
We also do not allow juveniles to engage in hazardous work.

We do not tolerate any discrimination based on nationality, race, gender, age, religion, creed, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

We do not tolerate any behavior that makes others feel uncomfortable or that their dignity has been violated, regardless of whether or not the offender is aware of it.

We aim to create a workplace where individuals with diverse attributes, values, and experiences coexist, acknowledge and support each other, and where employees can work with peace of mind while maximizing their potential and realizing growth and self-fulfillment.

We hold constructive dialogue between labor and management, and respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

We appropriately manage the working hours, holidays, vacations, and wages of our employees in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we do business.

We protect the safety and health of our employees in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we do business, and aim to create a workplace that is comfortable both mentally and physically.

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