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Quality to Create the Next Generation

Quality is not an option for a manufacturing company. The more diverse the needs of customers become, the more a company must offer the highest level of optimum quality to meet each and every one of these needs. Today, the manufacturing of the 21st century is on the threshold of a revolution. Careful examination of today’s requirements lets Nissin provide solutions to satisfy a wide range of user needs fully and faithfully. And through untiring efforts to meet user needs with ever more advanced products, Nissin’s quality is helping make a better world today, while opening the door to the next generation of products in the world of tomorrow.

Today, in the 21 century, manufacturing is undergoing major changes. The key to staying ahead of these changes is an insatiable appetite for challenge and a sincere desire to meet the market needs by creating ever more advanced products. Through our quality, we, Nissin will contribute to the building of a society that can look ahead to an abundant and bright future.

Top brand of Ultra-precision honing machine

To achieve high quality in precision parts, Nissin has developed its own machine tools in various fields. In every Nissin product is manifested our years of experience in making precision parts through innovate processes. It is experience and innovation that make our parts stand above those of our competitors. An example is our honing machines, which are the number one seller in the industry. Nissin has received high acclaim as one of Japan’s leading manufactures from uses in fields such as fuel-injection pumps and other automotive parts, motorcycles, hydraulic/pneumatic components, consumer appliances, dies, general purpose engines and sewing machines.

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Solution providing honing maker Nissin satisfies you.

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