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The top brand in ultra-precision honing machines.
Realizing ultra-precision machining.

Honing Machines

The Honing Process

Honing is a precision machining process in which surface contact grinding is performed in a large volume of grinding liquid by applying pressure to the inner surface of a hole while rotating and reciprocating a hone, also known as a honing stone. A distinctive cross hatching is formed on the finished surface, creating an excellent sliding surface. Nissin employs an automatic machine expansion method using a screw-wedge system in the stone expansion system, which is the heart of the honing machine. Accurate micro infeed (constant speed expansion) is synchronized with the stroke, improving the surface roughness accuracy while enabling correction of the shape accuracy‒an area of high-precision machining even in the mass-production process‒and ultra-precision machining with a small finishing tolerance.

Machining Examples


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Cylinder Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material SUS440C Cylindricity 2 μm 1 μm
Hardness HRC 57 to 63 Roundness 1 μm 0.5 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter 7.505 × L 38 Surface roughness Ra 0.4 μm Ra 0.3 μm
Stock removal 25 μm to 45 μm Machining time 30 seconds 30 seconds


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Pinion Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material AG20 Cylindricity 5 μm 2 μm
Hardness Hv 720 to 850 Roundness 5 μm 1 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter
19.65 × L 18.9
Surface roughness Ra 0.8 μm Ra 0.6 μm
Stock removal 50 μm to 70 μm Machining time 40 seconds, 5 workpieces 40 seconds, 5 workpieces


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Connecting rod (large end) Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material SCM420 Straightness 4 μm 1.2 μm
Hardness Hv 320 to 380 Roundness 5 μm 1.5 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter 57 × L 30 Surface roughness Ra 0.5 μm Ra 0.2 μm
Stock removal Max. 27 μm Machining time 30 seconds 25 seconds


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Stator core Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material Silicon steel plate Cylindricity 3.7 μm
Hardness Roundness 10 μm 2.9 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter 35 × L 24.5 Surface roughness
Stock removal Approx. 65 μm Machining time 30 seconds, 3 workpieces 26 seconds, 3 workpieces

Note: 3-piece stacked honing


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Barrel Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material SCM415 Straightness 2 μm/100 mm 1.3 μm
Hardness HRC 58 to 64 Roundness 2 μm 0.2 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter 47 × L 300 Surface roughness Ra 0.1 μm Ra 0.07 μm
Stock removal 25 μm Machining time 403 seconds


  • Machining cycle
  • Workpiece
Machined product Gear Required machining accuracy Machining accuracy
Material SCr420H Cylindricity 6.3 μm 1.5 μm
Hardness HRA 78 to 83 Roundness 6.3 μm 0.6 μm
Machining dimensions Diameter 50 × L 24 Surface roughness Rzmax 3.2 μm Rzmax 2.0 μm
Stock removal 130 μm Machining time 40 seconds 50 seconds

Honing Tools

Nissin original tools support various types of ultra-precision machining




Honing stones

Honing stones


Jet nozzles

Jet nozzles




Contract Honing

Specialist on the Submicron

Nissin offers development and prototype production, contract production of small-lot products,
and production outsourcing before equipment delivery.
As a submicron specialist, Nissin provides honing machines you can trust.

  • Hole diameter: 3 mm to 100 mm
  • Machining length: Max. 130 mm
    (For honing outside this range, contact us for details.)

Major machining workpieces

Automotive parts, motorcycle parts, hydraulic parts, appliance parts, etc.

Solution Examples

Nissin offers a variety of solutions to your needs

Problem Product to be machined has a small diameter or is thin-walled, long, or irregularly shaped, and required accuracy cannot be achieved with internal grinding or turning.
  • A thin-walled bushing can be machined, but roundness cannot be achieved due to clamp strain.
  • L/Ð is equal to or greater than 10, and the tool overhang is too long, preventing machining.
Solution We can provide the optimal proposal for a honing machine, jig tool, and machining conditions, even for hard-to-cut parts.

Problem You received a machining inquiry, but you are unable to accept the order because the delivery date of the equipment manufacturer is too long.

  • You cannot meet the customer’s startup schedule for prototyping and mass-production prototyping.
Solution We can produce units of equipment and deliver them
with a short turnaround.
In addition, we also provide contract honing.
Problem You are having tool-related issues.
  • You want to reduce cutting tool costs.
  • You want to improve yield after tool replacement.
  • You want to improve machining accuracy.
Solution We offer end-to-end solutions from tool selection and quotation for tool evaluation to proposal, production, and delivery.
In addition, our numerous plants and our offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka are ready to help you with after-sales service to ensure peace of mind.
Problem You want to accept an order for a large project, but there are numerous machining issues, and you cannot determine whether additional equipment is needed.
Solution We offer regular after-sales maintenance and dispatch service technicians around the world to help with everything from quotation for process evaluation to quick troubleshooting.
We encourage you to call or visit your nearest Nissin plant or office for support.
Problem You are in need of small-lot production but do not want to invest in equipment and do not know where to outsource ultra-precision machining.
  • Because the quantity is less than 50 pieces a month, you cannot install your own honing equipment.
  • The customer demands improvements because they are not satisfied with the accuracy of machining by hand, alternative machine, or outsourcing.
Solution We also provide contract honing using Nissin honing machines.

Lineup of Machine Tools

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