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This is an overview of Nissin technology.

Nissin provides a variety of expertise cultivated as a precision parts manufacturer, from production parts, machinery, tools, and other hardware to customer-friendly design methods, proprietary machine control software, prototype contract manufacturing, and attentive quality assurance systems.

Mass-produced Parts Technology

Mass-produced Parts TechnologyWe provide integrated processing from hot and cold forging and aluminum high pressure die casting to machining, heat treatment, and assembly.

Machine Tools Technology

Machine Tools TechnologyTo ensure a high level of quality at Nissin, we develop various machine tools in house for precision parts machining.

Prototyping Technology

Prototyping TechnologyWe produce in-house jigs, inspection jigs, and cutting tools and use a prototype order system that includes our business partners and cooperating companies to ensure quick delivery.

Quality Assurance Technology

Quality AssuranceOur Tier 1 quality assurance system cultivated over the years provides our customers with peace of mind.

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