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Feb 10, 2016

End of Repair Support for MH Model Series

This is a notice of end of repair support for the MH model series.

1. Products

Product name Model End of production End of repair support Replacement product
MH100 Model Honing Machine MH100-*-* October 2000 June 2015 G25 Model Honing Machine
MH200 Model Honing Machine MH200-*-* October 2000 June 2015 G50 Model Honing Machine

2. Details

It has been over ten years since production of the above honing machines has ended, and we have already finished official repair support. While we have done our best to support customers who have contacted us after the end of repair support, we no longer have inventory of parts, and it has become difficult to provide further support. We regret to inform our customers that we are ending product support.

Thank you for your business over the years.

3. Replacement Model

We invite customers who use an MH Series product to replace it with a G Series product, a successor model that boasts superior machining performance. Please contact a sales representative for more information.

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