After 50 years in the honing business,
we are grateful and evolving


Offering superior solution services
with the Art of Smoothness

Nissin Manufacturing was established in 1946 making sewing machine and motorbike parts. In 1973 we took advantage of our knowledge of processing equipment to produce and marketed a vertical 2-axis honing machine. We are now at the 50-year mark since entering the machine tools business.

We offer our gratitude for your continuing patronage and support.

Under the motto, Dream and Create, we have been committed to small-diameter ultra-precision hole finishing for half a century. As a comprehensive manufacturer of honing machines, we have responded to the needs of our customers by enhancing our machine lineup, specialized tools, and jigs, in addition to incorporating IT technology.

In addition, over the next 50 years, we will continue to refine the art of smoothness while working consistently with our customers to solve problems together and keep them satisfied.

Expect great things from Nissin Manufacturing as we will continue to take on challenges in the future.


Turning disadvantages into advantages

G75 Series


Nissin Manufacturing is well-known for its small honing machines. As Nissin approaches the 50-year mark in honing machine development, we have taken the technology cultivated over a half-century and developed a mid-sized honing machine.

(Honing diameter: 50mm to 80mm, Stroke length: 300mm)

Please ask our staff for details.


Nissin; the world's top honing machine brand

Nissin Manufacturing has an established domestic and international after-sales service network.
We offer after-sales support from our Akasaka Factory in Kyoto,
and three domestic offices and 4 overseas offices.

Delivery of Honing Machines Worldwide
21 countries, Machines sold over 2000


A support systems cultivated over a 50-year history.

Precision can be confirmed before purchase and reliable technical support is provided after delivery!

After purchasing a Nissin Manufacturing honing machine, we provide a variety of follow up services.

From pre-purchase to purchase

Pre-purchase assessment support
As all equipment, jigs, tools, and grindstones are made in-house, it is possible to check the processing precision before purchase, simulating the actual machine in a well-equipped test environment.

STEP 2Update

Support for production activities under optimal conditions
  • Technical proposal and process kaizen support
  • Visitation service and equipment diagnosis
  • Support available when trouble occurs
  • Conduct kaizen tests for jigs and tools and providing various samples

Considering the next machine

Support for long-term use of equipment
  • Replaceable parts service
  • Equipment overhaul service
  • Replacement of discontinued parts

combine to support our client’s production!


We are holding a campaign with 2 offers of thanks!

We are preparing 2 campaigns to express our gratitude for your regular patronage and to let you know more about Nissin Manufacturing.

  • Campaign 1

    Free processing verification

  • Campaign 2

    10% price discount for mandrel bulk orders

Offer available: August 8, 2023 through November 10, 2024 Please feel free to contact us whether you are a customer or are considering a purchase.

Campaign 1Free processing verification!

During the campaign period, we will offer a honing processing test free of charge to customers who are considering the purchase of a honing machine or machine tools.

Conditions for eligibility: ・Customers who purchase a Nissin Manufacturing honing machine during the promotion period
Period of eligibility: Orders received between August 1, 2023 and November 10, 2024
※ Depending on the situation, we may not be able to meet your request.

Campaign 210% price discount for mandrel bulk orders

We will give a 10% price discount to customers who have ordered 3 or more new honing machine mandrels during the promotion period.

Conditions for eligibility: ・Customers who purchase a Nissin Manufacturing honing machine during the promotion period
Period of eligibility: Orders received between August 1, 2023 and November 10, 2024


Please ask our staff for details.

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